The Mexican Coati


It’s time for a female character! I chose a coati not only because they are adorable, but they are also in almost every region of Mexico. I found an old post card of two Mexican ladies, which I used as reference for the clothes.

Mexican dresses are far more intricate than I drew, but that’s the fun of a stylized drawing. I could give the illusion of a fancy pattern, rather than drawing exactly from the reference. I was going to tint the belt-scarf, but I decided to keep it all black and white.

While I was looking at pictures of coatis, I saw that their noses are surprisingly flexible. I bent her nose up a bit, and I just think it’s adorable. The placement of the tail was a bit trickier than I was expecting. I had to see and draw through her to where the tail would be. I was also worried about merging animal and human for the arms, but hairy arms with animal fingers worked out to be a good combination.