Medium: Dip Pen and Brush, Noodler’s Black, Organics Studio Walden Pond Blue


I felt like drawing some plants, so I put on my rubber boots and went hunting. It was after a rainstorm, so I ended up in water that was almost over my boots. I found a log covered in my favorite ferns, and some mushrooms.

After I drew the plants with black ink, I let loose with my new sheening ink. At first I was a bit disappointed because all the ink was blue and I wasn’t seeing the sheening purple. It turns out I just diluted it too much, and I got it right on the second one.

The ink isn’t water resistant, so when water is dropped on the dry ink it makes some neat effects. The only downside is, the ink is so sensitive that just the humidity in the air and the sweat from my hand can smudge it a bit (and I’m not even a sweaty person).

I took a closeup of the ink to show as much of its beauty as I can.