Medium: Colored Ink, Pencil

These two don’t go together, and I didn’t even try to make up a commonality. The orange is from our orange tree (how cool is that?), and I painted it with Windsor and Newton ink. It is amazing how vibrant colored ink is. The only downfall is that I can’t mix accurate colors. Luckily, the orange of an orange is pretty close to Windsor and Newton’s orange.

The cathedral steeple is a plein air drawing, which I did from the window of the truck. It was Christmas eve, which makes a nice memory. It took me twenty minutes to do, and I really enjoyed it. I’m taking my sketchbook with me everywhere now, just in case I have the chance to draw something. I am so glad that my parents want me to do more plein air sketches, because that means I can choose what I want to draw instead of scrambling to draw whatever is in front of the gas station. I absolutely love Catholic churches, and there are lots where I live!