Medium: Pencil

I’m going to do five drawings a day! I’m going to have so many sketches as a memento of my travels!

And here’s the reality. I did two drawings. It’s not completely my fault though, because I overestimated my abilities and didn’t realize which route we were taking. I’m not even upset with myself! I did something, and both these drawings will bring back good memories.

The first is a grain elevator in Chamberlain, Saskatchewan. We stopped to get gas, and the elevator was on the other side of the street. I didn’t think to draw it until after I walked around a bit, so I hopped back in the vehicle and had (what felt like) three minutes to draw it. I surprisingly really like this drawing. It’s only three tones, the grass is scribbles, and the dreary clouds are smudges. I can’t stop looking at it though.

The second, is… interesting. I really only like it because of where I drew it and the conditions. We took a little detour to find a post office so I could send a painting that I was commissioned to do. It was off the main road, and absolutely beautiful! It really made me wonder how much we were missing. After I sent the package, my mom got an important phone call and signaled me to stay out of the vehicle. I crossed the street to the town center, sat on the brick curb, and sketched the bank as it started to rain (you can see the drops at the top of the page). It’s a mess of a drawing, but it was sure fun to do. I realized a day later that I could have drawn the door instead of attacking the whole building in five minutes and it would have been decent.

My parents are impressed though. They want to drive to places that have things for me to draw! I always like sight seeing ordinary things, but I can’t really say, let’s go waste gas so I can look at a bank, a church, someone’s house, and a tractor! Now I can say, let’s go waste gas so I can draw a church!