Medium: Dip Pen, Ink, Gel Pen

As you may or may not have noticed, I took a break from my blog and Instagram. I usually don’t talk too much about personal stuff that doesn’t relate to art, but I do feel like sharing a bit. But first, a bit about these two pages of my sketchbook!

You may have noticed that I prefer to put like objects together, and since I felt like doing something easy and just messing around with ink I chose to do two locks from my collection. The lock on the left was my dad’s in high school. I just let the ink feather and make watermarks, because I’m starting to like a looser look.

Now, why have I been gone for so long? It’s not that long… but it feels like a significant amount of time. First, I dropped out of school. Well… I dropped out of English… and then enrolled in English with a different school. The school I was with has been stressing me out for various reasons, but I finally started the transfer to another school. So, now I’ll have teachers that will help me to achieve the grades I want, they will be easy to contact, and I’ll have more time to complete my courses. I’ll finally have that balance between school and my hobbies!

I told my mom what sort of job I would like in the future. I was really just filling time on a car trip, talking about what interests me and what I think I would do well in and enjoy. You probably guessed it! Art! Advertising! Graphic Design! But… what job is that exactly? I’ll still have to find that out, and find out what sort of diploma would help me get that job. My mom did some research and found some really good art schools in the States, and they give full scholarships! They even have scholarships that are specifically for non-US residents! I’ve always wanted to go to school in the States but I knew it was too expensive, and my only option was a Canadian university. Not anymore!

I just feel like my life suddenly has a path, and I know what I want to do. For the past 5 years I had absolutely no idea what I would do after high school, and it was almost as if I would just die once I graduated. Now instead of taking every core subject because I have no idea what I’m doing, I can start to get the credits I need to get into an art school! And get a career that I will enjoy! I can see myself being alive and well after I graduate!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a good week everyone!