Medium: Dip Pen, Ink, Gouache

I normally don’t like a lot of photo editing, but trust me… you don’t want to see the color of this table.

The colors I mixed are quite unusual. At night they look sickeningly neon, and in daylight they look very bright and happy. I used gouache because I wanted to see how the paper would handle it, and because I wanted a pop of color. The paper handled it and I certainly got my pop of color. I also want to start pushing more experimental drawings and getting out of my comfort zone. That means trying mediums that might not work together, and drawing things that I think are too hard.




Does anyone else love crinkly pages? They used to drive me crazy, but now I love them. My sketchbook crackles when I pick it up, and without the elastic it starts opening on its own. I can’t wait to see it full!