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Wildflowers in Gouache (Process and Tips)

Hello again! I wanted to get back to sharing my art on my blog, but instead of the usual here's my art, I'm going to try some different things. Today, I'm going to share the steps I went through to create... Continue Reading →

American Flamingo

I felt like a pop of color so I got out my brush pen that I filled with Noodler's Ottoman Rose ink. The brightest pink bird I could think of was a flamingo, even though they aren't really my favorite... Continue Reading →

Skull Pencil Sketches

I was going to wait and post this in a sketchbook dump post, but it did really well on my Instagram so I guess it can hold its own here. I really like them, but I never know what people... Continue Reading →

Secretary Bird

That new sketchbook I got has four different papers in it, and I decided to do my usual brush pen drawing but on the second to darkest paper. I regret it. I think the white paper looks way better and... Continue Reading →

Redraw Old Art! 2016 vs. 2019

It's fun to do the "redraw old art challenge" from time to time to see and share improvement or change of style. I've only done it once before (which you can see here) and I wanted to do it again.... Continue Reading →

Malabar Pied Hornbill

Another hornbill! I'm pretty sure they are my favorite birds. I think the thing that holds me back from posting on my blog is a lack of interesting things to write about. So if y'all don't mind, I must just... Continue Reading →

Little Auks

These little black and white birds aren't as flashy as their puffin cousins, but they are still adorable! The top three drawings were an attempt to show how they can stretch and squash their bodies. Then I found a funny... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 31 (Black and White Casqued Hornbill)

Usually I don't draw after about 6, because I think I'm not as alert and it would be a waste to draw at such an hour because it wouldn't work out. This drawing proved me wrong though. I just felt... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 30 (Southern Ground Hornbill)

I absolutely love hornbills. You've been warned. There's more to come. I really like this slightly more scientific approach to my brush pen drawings. It's more in the presentation of course. At first, drawing different parts of the animal was... Continue Reading →

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