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Tiger Lily

Medium: Watercolor I did this one before Christmas as another commission for Maggie. It was certainly a challenge, and I think the fact that it was for someone pushed me to really do my best and also to do something... Continue Reading →


Contour Line Drawing

Medium: Dip Pen, Organics Studio Walden Pond Blue This was a school art assignment that I destroyed. Contour line drawings are just so boring, so after I submitted the assignment I reactivated the ink with water. Both are drawn from... Continue Reading →

Non-Flowering Plants

Medium: Dip Pen and Brush, Noodler's Black, Organics Studio Walden Pond Blue   I felt like drawing some plants, so I put on my rubber boots and went hunting. It was after a rainstorm, so I ended up in water... Continue Reading →

Hotel Cazan and the Evangeline Bank

Medium: Fountain Pen, Dip Pen, Ink Here's two drawings I did on a sketch outing on a cloudy day. The first is the Hotel Cazan, which I did with my new fountain pen. I'm not sure if fountain pens aren't... Continue Reading →

Satsuma Orange and a Cathedral

Medium: Colored Ink, Pencil These two don't go together, and I didn't even try to make up a commonality. The orange is from our orange tree (how cool is that?), and I painted it with Windsor and Newton ink. It... Continue Reading →

Dalek Pop Art

Medium: Alcohol Markers Usually I post my art in the order I made it, and although I have some pieces older than this, I decided to share this one now. This is my first assignment in my art class! The... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan & Texas

Medium: Pencil I'm going to do five drawings a day! I'm going to have so many sketches as a memento of my travels! And here's the reality. I did two drawings. It's not completely my fault though, because I overestimated... Continue Reading →

Ibex Horn

Medium: Pen I didn't have time to post this one before I left, so here it is now. It's an ibex of sorts, and has one horn and a partial skull. I used a copic pen on this one, because... Continue Reading →

Observational Charcoal Drawings

Medium: Charcoal I decided to really try and challenge myself with some difficult angles on difficult subjects. The first is the back of a wolf skull, and the second is the base of my fiddle. I spent one night just... Continue Reading →

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