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Plein Air Birds

Medium: Gouache The beaver flooded one side of the abandoned train tracks, killing lots of trees but at the same time making a new habitat for birds. I went two days in a row just to watch the birds, so... Continue Reading →


My Oxfords

Medium: Gouache Just as the title says, these are my oxford shoes. I got them for looks not functionality, but they are actually quite decent for the price. I wore them for a week for barn dances and contra-dances and... Continue Reading →

Army Boots

Medium: Pen It's been a while since I drew something in pen, so I thought I would redraw an old drawing. I drew the first one a year and a half ago so I didn't think there would be much... Continue Reading →


I was on a quest to find my own style for drawing buildings, because when I travel south I want to draw some of the buildings I see on the way down. The first two that you see are my... Continue Reading →

Victorian Bear

Medium: Gouache One day I had quite a few ideas for animal portraits, so I sketched them all. This is the first one that I have made into a full painting. I realized that my clothing has been far from... Continue Reading →

Hats (Seamless Wallpaper)

Medium: Pen, Pencil When I say seamless, I guess I mean it was supposed to be seamless. I cut my paper just a tiny bit crooked so it doesn't line up perfectly. Honestly though, it looks better than I expected.... Continue Reading →

Vintage Cars Wallpaper

Medium: Gouache When I set out to make this seamless wallpaper, my original intent was to cut the paper, rearrange it, and paint four more cars in the new space. I couldn't bring myself to cut them, and I'm glad... Continue Reading →

Whooping Cranes

Medium: Gouache Whooping cranes were driven out of Louisiana, and now the state is trying to reintroduce them. Trouble is, if it flies it dies. I've seen billboards stating that it is illegal to kill (or harass) a whooping crane,... Continue Reading →


Medium: Pen, Colored Pencil, Gel Pen Just some simple chairs that I did because I didn't know what else to do. The pink wing chair is in the living room, but no one sits in it because it is the... Continue Reading →

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