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Animal Portrait Sketches (American, Russian, Japanese)

This week I have for you, one of my favorite batches of sketches. That is, of course, because they're all one of my favorite drawing subjects. Animal portraits! Get comfortable, because all my animals have to have backstories.   I... Continue Reading →


Poirot, Fountain Ink, and Farm Animals

Remember me? Well, here I am again, popping in with some pieces from my sketchbook. In these next sketches, you will mainly see me playing around with a couple new mediums and art styles.   First up, is Agatha Christie's... Continue Reading →

Perspective Drawing and Designing Houses

I'm not sharing pieces from my sketchbook this week, because I just finished a little project that I am excited to show off. In the art course I am taking I got an assignment to do a perspective drawing, which... Continue Reading →

Match Holder, Cat, Beetle, and More…

I'm back this week with six new sketches. I almost didn't meet my goal of posting every Monday, but here I am!   I got some new art supplies, and I was testing them out on this one. This is... Continue Reading →

Plein Air Pencil Sketches

Quick announcement: I'm changing the way I post on my blog, at least for a while to see how it goes. I've not posted on my blog for almost three weeks because I have been dreading making a post. I'm... Continue Reading →

La Côte Bretonne Color Study

Medium: Gouache Another color study of a Chemins de Fer de l'État poster. I chickened out on the vibrant green and ended up painting barf. I'm kind of O.K. with barf though, because it doesn't compete with the blues and... Continue Reading →

La Côte d’Émeraude Color Study

Medium: Gouache Here's a study of a poster that I really liked, but I didn't know what color theory it followed, if any, so I didn't do it for my school assignment. It seems like a confusing mess and none... Continue Reading →

Monochromatic Color Study

Medium: Gouache Here's the final painting for my school assignment. This was the only monochromatic travel poster that I could find, and the vehicles were actually brown in the original. I only used blue, yellow and white, although it could... Continue Reading →

Analogous Color Study

Medium: Gouache I really wasn't looking forward to this one because of all the little people, but I simplified them into black blobs with white and brown touches. The ones in the distance actually look more convincing than the ones... Continue Reading →

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